Extra Credit

Before you worry about extra credit, have you made up any assignments that you are missing? Extra credit can help your grade, but it will never be able to fix a grade that is low because you didn't do the work to begin with! On this page you will find extra credit and late point opportunities as they become available.  

1) PARTICIPATE IN THE VOLUSIA COUNTY LITERACY FESTIVAL (THERE ARE OVER 20 DIFFERENT OPTIONS IN THIS PACKET): This event happens on April 30th, but most entries are due April 1st, which means you would need to turn them in to me by the end of 3rd Quarter (March 10th) so that you have time to fix and revise your entry before the fair. There are a number of different categories that you can enter, including writing, drawing and creating food. Please look through the packet of directions and see me during AI if you want help.     2011 Literacy Fair Activities.pdf View  Download  

2) VISIT THE WEBSITE: Periodically I will hide extra credit on one of the website pages. It will only be given to the first student who finds the extra credit. This is to encourage you to visit the website often and to read the information on the site. There may or may not be hidden extra credit right now.  

3) PARTICIPATE IN ANY SCHOOL DRIVES: Listen to the school announcements. If you participate in any food drives or similar drives, you can earn a late pass extra credit (see #1 for details).  

4) WRITE A SHORT STORY OR POEM: Each quarter you can turn in up to two original poems or short stories that were not written for another class to earn extra credit. Be warned that if you attempt to turn in work that is not your own you will receive a referral and lose any extra credit opportunities in the future.  

5) ATTEND THE MEDIA CENTER BOOK CLUB: Listen to the announcements or see the media specialist for information about the media center book club. If you read the book and participate in the discussion at the club meeting you will earn extra credit.  

6) DONATE CLASSROOM SUPPLIES: (This is not really "extra credit", it replaces points lost for a variety of reasons such as turning in work late and/or gives you a late pass/free pass to use in the future if needed.) We are currently in need of the following supplies:
  • Computer Paper
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Kleenex
  • Pens & Pencils
  • Scrapbook type supplies for projects
  • Used books that a high school student would like to read

7) GET PUBLISHED: If an article you have written appears in the Sports Marketing Paper, you can earn extra credit. You can also earn extra credit for being published in any newspaper (a letter to the editor, a student column, etc.) You must show me the paper to earn the extra credit.   8) CREATE A LITERACY POSTER: Create a poster or a flier that can be hung around campus that promotes reading or FCAT skills. The poster must be graphically pleasing, gramatically correct, and informationally correct to earn the extra credit. If it is created on the computer it should be shared with me on a flashdrive so I can print multiple copies to hang. If it is not create on the computer, it should be big enough to make an impact in the hallway. It will be hung up if you earn the extra credit.   9) READ ANOTHER BOOK OR WORK BY THE SAME AUTHOR:  If you like something we read in class, read something else by the same author and write a 1 page reaction/ comparison of the works.